Bulk Shipping

There are several shipping options out there. However, if you aim for sustainable shipping solutions, one shipping method you can look into is bulk shipping. Many companies and businesses resort to this shipping option for a number of reasons. Interested to know why? Continue scrolling through the article to understand why bulk shipping is the best way to ship products.

What is Bulk Shipping?

Bulk shipping is the process of shipping a large number of goods in one package. It is a cost-effective way to ship large or heavy items.

Bulk shipments are cargoes that are unpackaged and loaded straight into the holds of a shipping vessel. Bulk products are supplied loose and unpackaged, unlike other things shipped in discrete packets or containers.

A study found that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven products and commodities to ocean commerce, with bulk shipping reaping the greatest profits. As the virus spreads and signals of lockdowns grow, companies are observed investing in dry bulk ships.

Why Businesses Should Use Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping is the best way to ship products when placing a massive order. Shipping in bulk saves businesses time and money. When they place an order for several different products, they’ll need to put each product into its box. This will require extra packaging and may take up more space than necessary. With bulk shipping, the shipment is consolidated, and the items are wrapped together with protection. This will save time and money because less packaging is needed, and less space is required to transport the item.

Vanilla Workstations commits to bulk shipping, using one box of green packaging for every 25 workstation computers.

Bulk shipping also offers one of the most affordable rates among all other available services today. This makes it an excellent choice for both businesses and individuals alike. One of the disadvantages is that it does not provide as much traceability as other methods. But with this service, businesses will still be able to track your shipment if anything goes wrong or if any delays happen during transportation.

However, it is important to note that the price of bulk shipping depends on four main things. Those are the size and weight of the cargo, the freight class, the dimensional weight of the package, and the distance traveled.

Why Bulk Shipping is the Best Way to Ship Products

Shipping in bulk provides a more affordable option over other shipping methods. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Shipping in bulk means businesses can send out packages at one time. This can be an advantage if they have a busy schedule and cannot send them one by one. This is also why Vanilla Workstations chose to ship in bulk. We want to reduce the hassle of deploying and installing workstation computers for schools.
  2. When shipping in bulk, there is no need for additional packaging materials because the items are packed together tightly into one box or crate. Businesses and even customers will avoid spending money on these materials that may become unnecessary.
  3. Shipping in bulk also provides flexibility because businesses can control how much space is allotted for each shipped item. This ensures that heavier items don’t take up all the space or that lighter items are not crammed together at the bottom of the container.

Vanilla Workstations Commits to Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping is the best way to ship goods in large quantities. It saves businesses money and time. But aside from this, it also eases up the deployment process of products to clients. At Vanilla Workstations, our goal is not just to advocate for green packaging. We are devoted to reducing our carbon footprint by bulk ordering workstation computers, reducing waste, and the time it takes your school IT staff to unwrap and install units.

About Vanilla Workstations

Vanilla Workstations is committed to making affordable technology accessible to school districts in America. Our computers are engineered for students and education spaces. To know more about our services, contact us here or call us at (888) 779-1972. Go for reliability; go for Vanilla Workstations.

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