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Custom Computers & Fast Delivery

We believe that computer users need high-quality and current technology to succeed.



Flashed at production with your customized operating system for quick deployment.


Super Powered

Load at your own speed, using Intel I-Series processors to reduce lag and wait time.



Our included maintenance plan (two or four years) will keep you working, even with normal classroom and office wear and tear.

Vanilla Workstations Desktop

Vanilla Workstations Desktop

We warranty Vanilla Workstations for classroom and office use and peace of mind for staff.

Vanilla Workstations Laptop

Vanilla Workstations Laptop

Our on-site support and delivered replacement service keep your working units.

About Us

Simple and reliable
when it just needs to work

Vanilla Workstations come pre-imaged and with minimal packaging for rapid deployment. Tough as nails, our metal housings hold up to real-world use.

Custom Computers



Reliable Hardware

The included maintenance plan guarantees a four-year lifespan for our desktops, minimizing the need to retrain teachers and staff on new setup.



We understand that changing hardware in classrooms and offices is disruptive. That's why we're committed to preserving the footprint of our computers for at least eight years, enabling one-for-one replacements and upgrades.


Licensing Guidance

We're happy to help you access free educational licensing for operating systems.


Low-Impact Packaging

We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint small by packaging our computers in bulk orders, minimizing the amount of packaging that needs to be disposed of—and the time it takes your IT staff to unwrap and deploy units.


Coordinated Delivery

We work with you to get you a precise delivery date so your staff know what to expect, and so you can schedule around holidays, testing dates, and grant deadlines.


Included Support

Keep your students learning and your staff working with our included maintenance plan.

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