Custom Engineered • Fast Delivery • White Glove Support • Competitive Pricing • Pre-Imaged

We build custom computers for businesses, schools, and government agencies at competitive pricing that meets their budget. Our on-site support and delivered replacement service keep your units working.

Vanilla Workstations Custom Desktop

Specs built based on request at competitive pricing.

Vanilla Workstations Custom Laptop

Specs built based on request at competitive pricing.


Optional Hardwired Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor Set - $50.00 Per Set

*Maintenance plan covers normal wear and tear. For issues of specific damage, please contact our support team. Our goal is to keep students learning.
Custom Computers



Reliable Hardware

The included maintenance plan guarantees a four-year lifespan for our desktops, minimizing the need to retrain staff
on a new setup.



We understand that changing hardware is disruptive. That's why we're committed to preserving the footprint of our computers for at least eight years, enabling one-for-one replacements and upgrades.


Licensing Guidance

We're happy to help you access free educational and office licensing for operating systems.


Low-Impact Packaging

We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint small by packaging our computers in bulk orders, minimizing the amount of packaging that needs to be disposed of and the time it takes your IT staff to unwrap and deploy units.


Coordinated Delivery

We work with you to get you a precise delivery date so your staff know what to expect, and so you can schedule around holidays, testing dates, and grant deadlines.


Included Support

Keep your students learning and your staff with our included maintenance plan.