What Are Charter Schools in America?

Charter schools are gaining popularity in America as an alternative to traditional public schools. These schools are usually publicly funded but operate independently from the school district, giving them more flexibility in their curriculum and teaching methods. As of 2019, 7% of all public schools in the US are charter schools, with California having the highest number (1,268 charter schools).

Charter schools often have a specific focus, such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or arts education, and they often serve a specific population, such as English language learners or students from low-income families. But since they are free to tailor their curriculum to meet their students’ requirements, teachers use various instructional methods, techniques, and resources.

What Are the Challenges That Charter Schools Face?

Charter schools are often located in high-poverty areas and serve a high proportion of minority and low-income students. As a result, charter schools can struggle to attract and retain quality teachers. In addition, charter schools can have difficulty providing the same level of resources and support as traditional public schools. Overall, tensions over civil rights, difficulties with hiring and training staff, the performance of virtual charter schools, and a lack of leadership transparency are some of the biggest issues and controversy facing US charter school systems. 

How Can Technology and Innovation Help Charter Schools?

Since their inception in 1991, charter schools have increased in both enrollment and numbers. However, Arne Duncan, a former U.S. secretary of education, and other observers claim that the charter school sector has fallen short of its promise to develop into “laboratories of innovation.”

Charter schools can solve their challenges with equal funding, parent involvement, school partnerships, and accountability for authorizers. They can also benefit from technology and innovation, such as custom computers for charter schools. Custom computers for charter schools can help their students keep up with their peers in traditional public schools by providing them with access to the same educational resources. In addition, custom computers can help charter school teachers customize their instruction to meet the needs of their students.

By using technology in their lessons and business, charter schools can solve some of their problems and give their students a high-quality education.

Custom Computers for Charter Schools

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